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Security Analyzer 3.6

12/19/16 | Releases

The BrixBits team has been hard at work and we are pleased to announce that Security Analyzer 3.6 is now available with the following new features:


  • Untrusted Object Detection - Security Analyzer now traces an input string from initiation throughout the transaction to detect whether the string is trusted or untrusted. If the string is determined to be untrusted, the transaction will be blocked.
  • Enhanced Detection - Security Analyzer now identifies untrusted parameters for parameterized SQL. In addition, several new patterns have been added to the detection engine rules.
  • Enhanced Upgrades - Upgrades are now a more automated and seamless process while preserving settings and configu rations.
  • Enhanced Event Details - Additional information has been added to the Security Analyzer event details including cookies, headers, parameters and referrers providing more visibility and context into detected events.
  • Expanded Web Service Notifications - Security Analyzer now includes stack trace details, request headers, parame ters and SQL statements as part of the web service notifications. This information can be correlated with data from ot her applications to provide additional context around detected threats and events.
  • Installer Updates - Various enhancements to the agent and management server installers to make them more intuitive and automated. The agent attach function is now included as part of the agent installer.
  • Various enhancements and defect resolution

Request a demo to learn more about these new features.


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