BrixBits Releases Latest Version of Security Analyzer Product

BrixBits Security Analyzer now with Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and enhanced XSS detection and protection

BrixBits, a leading provider of low impact RASP solutions, today announced new enhancements and innovations for BrixBits Security Analyzer. Security Analyzer the most cost effective solution on the market now features detection and protection for cross site request forgery threats, the identification of known vulnerable components and enhanced cross site scripting and SQL injection detection.

Security Analyzer is designed to protect weak points of application security. It can be deployed in minutes and has no additional hardware or software requirements providing for quick time to value and low total cost of ownership and is suitable for both cloud or on premises deployments. Security Analyzer also easily integrates into existing SIEM, ITOM or event management frameworks so that all security information can be consolidated into a single point of view.

With the prevalence of web application threats, there is great demand for solutions to protect at the application layer. BrixBits Security Analyzer provides continuous monitoring to detect and protect against application threats and vulnerabilities in real-time without negatively impacting performance. “We are excited about the new vulnerability and threat detection capabilities” said Rod Endo, CEO of BrixBits. “By continuing to expand upon our detection coverage with minimal performance impact, we can help organizations secure their applications and data without compromising performance.” For more information, visit

About BrixBits:
BrixBits creates innovative solutions that provide detailed insight to find and fix security problems fast. BrixBits solutions exhibit both quick time to value (TTV) and low total cost of ownership (TCO) and can easily integrate into existing security information and event management (“SIEM”), applications event management or systems management frameworks.