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Are You Properly Handling Java Exceptions?


Proper exception handling is a very important part of development as improper handling can introduce an application to security vulnerabilities. Ja...

Using RASP Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle


Most often when we think and hear about RASP security solutions, we tend to focus on their primary use of monitoring and protecting production web...

Security Analyzer 3.7 is Now Available!


We are please to announce the Security Analyzer 3.7 is now available.  This new version of security Analyzer has the following new features:


What you need to know about Cross Site Request Forgery


Web sites are vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) when they fail to check the user’s intention when a request is submitted. If a user...

Is Your Web Application Exposed to Known Vulnerable Components?


Because of the prevalence of open source components being used for both commercial off the shelf software and in house developed applications, OWAS...

Security Analyzer 3.6


The BrixBits team has been hard at work and we are pleased to announce that Security Analyzer 3.6 is now available with the following new features:...

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